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Business Meeting


Westwood Funding is looking for those interested in building a long term and mutually beneficial partnership.

We are a private firm with a unique business philosophy and an intense focus on customer service. As a direct lender, we pay rapidly and fund a higher number of deals, we are honest, with strong customer service that is second to none. (NO AUTOMATED SERVICES)
We offer an extremely rapid turnaround for all your submissions. We underwrite in as little as 2 hours and fund within 3-5 hours (same day start-to-funding), provided we have all of the required Documents and upfront stipulations.
Please submit all deals to
We are aware that there are competitors looking to fund your deals. We make sure all of your submissions get the appropriate attention they deserve.
If you ever have a competitive offer, please let us know when you submit the file so we can make a valid attempt to match or beat the approval.
Commissions are paid within 5 business days.
WE PAY THE SAME ON RENEWALS: As soon as any funded merchant is 50% paid back on their advance, they are eligible for renewal. We will immediately call and email to notify you when they are 45% paid back to aid in the process.
We will need 4 months most recent business bank statements and underwriting will review in the same manner as we always do, quickly with firm approvals that fund.
Funding Stipulations -
In order to process we will require:

- Completed application dated within 30 days.
- 3 Months of the most recent business bank statements.
- Please include all balances of current advances and note whether the merchant is interested in consolidation or additional position. (The more detailed your submission the better.)
- Also include any notes/disclaimers related to each deal in the body of the email so we can address issues quicker and not waste time with back and forth misunderstandings.
Once the merchant passes initial underwriting and an offer is made and accepted, we will require the following items to fund most MCA's (term loans, SBA (7), equipment finance, inventory finance and factoring lines of credit will typically require additional or other items such as financials, AR & AP reports, inventory lists, etc...)
- Signed Merchant Agreement (Future receivable agreement)
- Photo ID
- Voided check
- Direct Bank Log in
- Proof of ownership
- Satisfactory merchant interview and funding call.

If funding amount is over $100,000.00, we will need the following as well.

- Most recent filed tax return (Extension when needed)
- Year to date financials (Profit and Loss, balance sheet, AR & AP report)
- Payback months


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