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Specialty Construction
Specialty Construction

With the construction industry back on the rise in the wake of a very difficult and sudden collapse, construction businesses face very particular obstacles. Namely, businesses are required to perform work prior to payment which means the company has a great deal to layout before they see payment from their clients. Many construction companies have folded due to this cash crisis. WestWood Funding understands your business needs and offers different funding solutions to meet your construction needs.
Until recently, a company with excellent credit could count on a bank loan as a trustworthy source of cash. However, today, it is incredibly challenging for companies, even those with good credit, to obtain a loan. This has left many entities struggling to remain in business and effectively manage their cash flow troubles. One method that is becoming far more popular as companies begin to familiarize it is an option, is receivables funding.
Receivables funding is one of the most simple and quickest ways for a company to get cash. A business just has to leverage existing business to produce money. Receivables funding is one of the best means to swiftly infuse money into a business with many different available payment options.
Contact us today to find out how WestWood Funding can improve your business immediately.

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